Gorgeous Antique Bed and a fun antique dresser for sale!

This past month has been so incredibly busy. So happy to share some new “for sale” furniture with you! I have been busy working on many pieces for a non-profit store/boutique my aunt is opening up in Brentwood. I can’t wait to share with you the finished product and her gorgeous store once everything is set up! So there will be much more about that later, so stay tuned :)

As for today, I am sharing with you two different things I have done this past week. Recently, I thought to myself it had been awhile since I have done any beds. Lo and behold, I found a gorgeous antique full-sized detailed bed for sale. I painted it a dusty blue-gray with a little pearl on the surface, and a little off white on the detail. This will be a lovely piece for someone, even a guest room!frenchbed 1 copy

I also found a little antique dresser I liked the shape of, and decided to do something creative with it. Though the piece is painted in pure white, it features vintage sewing patterns along the fronts of the drawers, making it adorably unique! And by vintage, I mean really VINTAGE as they came from my husband’s grandmother’s basement. That lady has saved everything over the years! Sweet of her to let me use some of what she has kept :)

sewing dr_edited-1

For more on these pieces, go to the “currently for sale” page. And as always, there is free delivery on furniture to the Nashville/ Franklin area, and cash or credit card is accepted.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend ! Here’s to a busy summer!

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4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Antique Bed and a fun antique dresser for sale!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE how you used the patterns. I only wish I’d known this before I tossed out about 100 patterns from my mom’s basement sewing room — some of the old patterns were amazing. I know now and am very impressed, as she would’ve been too. SKR

  2. I think you bought that bed from me! LOL I came across your blog and recognized it immediately! It looks great!

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