Some see a weed, some see a wish…..

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely ADORE nurseries. I mean when you combine the adorableness of babies, PLUS the love of interior design = awesome!

With a two and a half-year old boy, and a six month old boy, I have gotten to paint some …one of my favorites being this bassinet, which I painted and adorned with a rag garland I made.


But I must say, with two boys, I have not “done up” the room quite as amazingly as I probably could for a girl! Though I think the style and trends for nurseries both boy and girl, have gotten pretty amazing in recent years (thanks pinterest). I have painted COUNTLESS pieces for nurseries, and I love it! I can’t even recall how many white French dressers I have done :)

Here is one of my latest pieces I have finished, that would work for many spaces, but would be DREAMY in a nursery!

dandelion dresser 1watermark

dandelion dresser 2

dandelion dresser 3

Pale gray, with its original antique hardware, and I hand painted precious little dandelions on the front. Perfect for a one of a kind touch for your baby’s room!

Do you love nurseries? What is your favorite nursery trend?

Also this past week, I happened upon a vintage piece that is the EXACT same piece we use for our media center in our living room. I have gotten so many compliments on ours, so I scooped it up, and refinished it exactly the same as ours. It is solid wood, with 13 total drawers! Vintage Ethan Allen, and so perfect for a media center. We love ours. Antique white on bottom, and dark walnut stain on top.

ethan allen 4

ethan allen dresser

ethan allen 6

ethan allen 5

ethan allen dresser 3

Would also be a great neutral piece for a bedroom for shared clothes storage, with so many drawers.

Both of these pieces and more are available on the “Currently for sale” page if you are interested and want to see more.

Meanwhile, this past week, we said goodbye to my sweet granddad. He was 80 years old and lived an amazing life. He helped co-write the song that made my grandmother a Grammy winner back in 1964. You can read about more about his life, and some of his musical accomplishments here:

And also this week, this little boy turned 6 months old:

6 mo watermark

My how time flies……. Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

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